Automatic aligner trimming for everyone!

Why Trimlign?

Trimlign was developed and tested by engineers with decades of experience in various fields including orthodontic equipment development and orthodontic appliance operations.  Trimlign is more than just a cnc machine.  We’ve addressed everything from integration with your treatment planning software to designing a workflow which provides high throughput and minimizes the chances of human errors.

Ortho-Automation will show you step-by-step how Trimlign can work for you. Our goal is to be transparent so you will understand the investment and your transition to Trimlign will be easy and smooth.

Trimlign Transparency

Our free white paper explains the economics of automating aligner trimming, and how your workflow will improve.

Let us show you how to optimize your production, throughput and profit.


Designed specifically for aligner production. Optimized to make trimming operations easy and less expensive.

Trimmed edges rarely need buffing.          Results can vary by material. We can optimize cut parameters for your  materials.

Trim up to 480  aligners in 8 hours with 1 Trimlign. Trim up to 1440 aligners in 8 hours with one operator and 3 Trimligns.

Low cost of ownership and easy to maintain.  Maintenance requirements are managed by  the onboard computer. The touch screen guides the user through operations and maintenance.

Straight or scalloped cuts  are possible as well as elastics cutouts or other special features.

No hidden fees! No charges per aligner. No extra software to buy.  All firmware and software for the trimmer are included. 

Safety and reliability are designed in to protect your employees. Features a locking door, redundant safety sensors, and a cutter shield. No hazardous laser fumes.

Easy to use. Loading and unloading aligners takes only seconds thanks to the automatic vacuum hold down.

Automatic debris extraction Automatically  controls a quiet debris capture system, which can also be used to clean the aligner trim station. No liquid coolants to replace or disinfect.

Small foot print.   22”D x 17.5”W x 17.5H”    Weight 75 lbs. Stackable with optional bracket kit.  No dedicated PC, compressed air, vacuum supply, or internet connection required.

Automatic calibration. Follow the touch  screen prompts to install the  calibration kit, then press the calibrate button. The rest is done by the time you come back from a coffee break.

Integrated QR scanner to enable rapid cycle times. External scanners are also supported to enable customizing your workflow.

Software Partners

More software partners coming soon!


Treatment Planning Service Partners

We are integrating with all of the major treatment planning services so that you can receive files from them ready to 3D print, AND ready for automatic trimming in Trimlign.   Contact us for details!

More Treatment Planning Service partners coming soon!

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