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Trimlign: Fully Automatic Orthodontic Aligner Trimming

  • Fastest Trimming Times! Cut up to 500 aligners in an 8 hour shift!
  • Smoothest edges with minimal or no post process deburring required!
  • Our Open-protocol can be integrated with any Treatment Planning Software package.
  • Capable of straight cut, scalloped cut, elastics cutouts and other advanced details.
  • Automatic loading of data for each aligner.
  • Locking safety enclosure with redundant sensors to protect your employees.
  • Flat fee to purchase. No per aligner fees! No upselling. No contracts.
  • Short return on investment.
  • Low cost of ownership, and easy to maintain.
  • Easy to load! Unloading and loading of next aligner takes less than 10 seconds.

For Orthodontists

Using your own treatment planning software, 3d printer, and thermo-forming machine, you can create your own in-office automated production line.

Customize your aligners with your own office branding.

Trimlign is open protocol and actively integrating with numerous orthodontic treatment planning software providers.  Contact your software provider to inquire about when support for Trimlign will be available.

For Orthodontic Treatment Software Providers

Join our free partnership program.  Our open protocol is easy to integrate with your software.  Give your customers leading edge aligner processing capabilities.

For Aligner Manufacturers

Trimlign is a compact, simple and robust trimmer that can greatly improve production by increasing through-put and quality while decreasing costs and scrap.  Stack your Trimlign machines to conserve space and allow one operator to operate two Trimlign machines.

Precision Automation

The Trimlign robotic trimmer is far more accurate and repeatable than trimming aligners by hand.

Ditch the Hand Tools

Trimlign takes care of the trimming for you. No more hand tools, tedious physical labor or safety hazards. The Trimlign trimmer features a dust collection system to keep your work area clean. 

Customized Workflow

The Trimlign features an open data protocol.  We will work with you to interface with your treatment planning software and production workflow.

Modular and Scalable

Trimlign machines are design to be stacked to minimize space requirements. Scale up with more machines to tackle higher production with ease.

Easy to Maintain

Trimlign is easy to operate and maintain.  The built-in touch screen walks the operator through the easy to follow maintenance operations.

Save Money on Labor Costs

Less human labor reduces labor costs for your practice or lab, allowing you to free up precious resources and drive results.

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